4 Acupuncture Benefits For Runners

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing technique that involves the insertion of thin needles into certain points on the body. These ‘acupoints’ are known to trigger the natural healing process of the body when they are stimulated. Acupuncture is considered a Traditional Chinese Medicine, which proves beneficial for many ailments, and the Acupuncture benefits for runners are great. Here we discuss our top 4 Acupuncture benefits for runners;

1 – Acupuncture benefits a runner’s overall health.
Acupuncture benefits a runner’s overall health, not just one aspect of it. Through Acupuncture, balance and well being is restored in the body, and this in turn strengthens the individual’s ability to perform as a runner. Research has shown that the risk of upper respiratory infections increases after heavy training, however acupuncture sessions can strengthen the immune system, allowing the body to resist and help fight off infection. The procedure gives an overall sense of well being, which benefits runners in all sorts of ways on the inside.

2 – Acupuncture helps correct muscle imbalances.
Muscles that are imbalanced are not good for anyone, and least of all runners – as they can lead to pain in the joints, muscles and tendons. By inserting the needles into the specific acupuncture points, a decrease in muscle stress can take effect, and balancing effects can be created.

3 – Runners can heal quicker with Acupuncture.
Acupuncture studies have shown this ancient practice to improve blood circulation, which in turn aids quicker recovery, and healing of muscles. Overall good health, and a system free from stress, will allow a runner to heal from injuries more effectively, and go some way to preventing them too.

4 – Acupuncture aids better sleep.
As well as the beneficial effects for runners that Acupuncture has on the physical body, it also has a de-stressing effect on the individual as a whole; mind, body and spirit. This is a wonderful way to be able to engage in better relaxation, and a better quality of sleep. Good quality sleep is a vital part of performing well as a runner, and has a positive effect on training and the body’s ability to compete.