Acupuncture Chester

There are 7 excellent reasons why you should consider Chester Acupuncture Clinic

Over 37 years experience in administering acupuncture treatments

Dr Shana Tam is an experienced GP and acupuncturist and is fully registered with the UK General Medical Council

Prices start from £20 for an initial consultation

Appointments available from 9am to 8pm

Treatments available for fertility, pregnancy care, stress relief, sleep disorders, neck, back and joint pains, sports injuries, stopping smoking and many more conditions

Single use needles, painless technique

Member of British Acupuncture Council and Member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society

British Acupuncture Council


Mrs Gill

I write to thank you very much for your assistance with my head and neck pains resulting from a head injury experienced 12 months ago.

Having received a diagnosis of post concussion syndrome 3 months following an accident falling off my bike and hitting my head, I have struggled with head and neck pains, the other concussive symptoms gradually settling over a period of time. I appreciated the psycho-education element of the treatment, to help allay anxieties with the continuing muscle pains.

The acupuncture treatment was given with care and consideration, very little discomfort was experienced. Following the 4 treatment sessions, my head and neck are pain free and my general feeling of well-being is so much better.

Thank you again for your expert care.


I am delighted to say after nearly 3 years of trying to conceive, endless tests and being told only IVF would work but just give acupuncture a go, I am now 3 wks pregnant. Thank you so much. Words can’t express how much grateful I am.


I would like to thank you for your support through both acupuncture and also through your helpful tips and advice that I will take with me and use in the future to manage stress, be more connected and happy.

It was a real bonus to me to be treated by yourself and not only have your expert acupuncture treatment but also providing me with the practical and emotional support as I worked my way through a difficult period in my life. Your warm, friendly and supportive style will be something I will always be grateful for.


I went to see Dr Shana Tam after searching the internet for fertility acupuncture. When looking around I felt a very good vibe from both her and her father. When I rang I explained to Dr Tam that I have a fear of needles and she was very understanding and put me at ease very quickly over the phone.

When I arrived for my first consultation and session Dr Tam was wonderful. She was kind, caring and made the whole process a very relaxing one, she listened to all my concerns and put my mind at ease.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Dr Shana Tam to anyone. If you have a fear of needles, don’t panic because you don’t really feel them. I have never found anything so relaxing before. I think everyone should try acupuncture to relax and de stress!!’

CW – Chester

I have suffered from regular migraines and ‘cluster headaches’ for as long as I can remember. I would easily suffer 2 – 3 days per week, even when taking Pizotifen (a migraine and headache preventative daily tablet). I have had 3 sessions with Shana over a few months and I have already noticed a huge improvement. I can now go weeks without a single headache and I have not had a full blown migraine since my first treatment and I no longer take any medication. Shana makes you feel very comfortable and I wouldn’t hesitate to turn to her in the future should the need arise.

Mrs Fry Wirral

“After 3 years of fertility treatment we were referred for IVF, the first cycle unfortunately didn’t work so a friend from work recommended we visit Shana! Every session I had I felt so relaxed and welcome which helped me destress! Shana worked along side my IVF cycle when treating me and also treated a back pain I had suffered with for a couple of years! I now don’t suffer with any back pain and we are 2 weeks away from meeting our baby! We can not thank Shana enough she is such a lovely person who took time to ensure every session worked around the treatment! I would highly recommend her. Thanks again!”

DW Cheshire

“Thank you Shana. I have to say a huge thank you for the acupuncture but also for the advice and support with your medical knowledge which has been very useful. “

NL Chester

“Dr Tam treated me in the lead up to my IVF fertility treatment. I always found her approach to be calming, friendly and professional. My treatments always left me physically and mentally more

balanced and consequently, I felt that I was being pro-active within a process that was otherwise very much in the control of others. Thankfully, I was lucky, and our treatment was successful. I am

so pleased that I embraced this complementary approach to my treatment, and would recommend it to anyone considering trying it.”

Mrs JW Chester

“I started going to see Shana in the lead up to my first IVF cycle. I chose Shana as she specialises in acupuncture for IVF and had a good knowledge of the IVF process. I found my sessions
with Shana to be extremely relaxing and helped immensely in what was a very stressful time. Shana was a brilliant listener and made me feel very at ease during the sessions. Although the IVF did not work, I don’t think I could have got through the process without my sessions with Shana.
During my sessions Shana also worked on my shoulder, which had been painful for some years following an accident at work. The acupuncture helped with my shoulder and back and I am now pain free. I would not hesitate in recommending Shana!”

Mrs V Barratt, Senior Nurse

“I have been suffering for 2 and a half years with bilateral posterior tibial tendonitis, having just completed my 5th treatment I am delighted with the result I have seen a 100% improvement in my condition, the procedures were painless and I was treated in a most professional manner by Mr. George Tam and his daughter Shana. I would thoroughly recommend anyone considering acupuncture to the Chester Acupuncture Clinic”

Mrs K Christmas – Chester

“A number of years ago I experienced some very stressful life changing events and during this time I started to have problems with my skin. I was diagnosed with Rosacea and over the years I tried numerous treatments with little success. Since trying acupuncture I have seen significant improvements to my skin and overall well being. I look forward to my treatment with Dr Shana Tam and consider myself very lucky to have found a practitioner with such a warm, caring and professional manner.”

S Smith

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your support and treatment, I would recommend you highly”

Mrs O’Donoghue from Cheshire

“After trying unsuccessfully for nearly two years to conceive a baby I was recommended by the Fertility Clinic at the Countess of Chester to try acupuncture to help me conceive. I had never had acupuncture before and felt apprehensive and nervous at my first appointment. However Dr Tam put me at ease straightaway, she is lovely, kind, sympathetic and a good listener. The treatment does not hurt and left me feeling relaxed and positive.

I have had six treatments with Dr Tam over the course of about four months and guess what, I’m pregnant!!! My husband and I are over the moon and cannot thank Dr Tam enough for all she has done to help us.

My husband and daughter were always made to feel welcome and well looked after while they waited for me, my daughter always had a fuss made of her by Dr Tam’s family. I am really going to miss my sessions and chats with Dr Tam, who I think is wonderful!”

Sally Cottenden

“Medication and surgery were not the answer to my chronic digestive problems. Fortunately, I was recommended to George Tam at Chester Acupuncture Clinic by a satisfied client. I have found acupuncture, and George’s reassuring and friendly care, have helped me tremendously. I am making good progress and feel much more optimistic about the future. The surgeons and doctors have told me to keep up my treatment with George as I am benefiting so much from it.”

Sandy Wood ( retired Midwife and Practice Nurse)

“I have attended the Clinic several times for pain relief for osteoarthritis of both knees recently and have always felt comfortable with the gentle procedures. In my case it takes a few days to take effect, and my knees feel worse for 24 hours. I know something is happening, and it’s worth waiting as gradually the stiffness and aches subside. It is wonderful to have medical care of this calibre in an unhurried way from knowledgeable professionals.”

Steve Dobson

“Like most people I decided to try acupuncture in desperation. During the early 1980′s within an 18 months period, due to major problems with all of my joints, I was reduced from playing several different very active sports 6/7 days a week to being unable to manage to even play darts because it was too painful. Various specialists gave me different diagnoses and the side effects of the various drugs I was taking were becoming more serious.

George Tam was recommended to me by a work colleague and with his treatment I very quickly began to make progress. After a few months of treatment my condition was completely cured, I am still playing plenty of sport and have never needed treatment on my joints since then.

With such a positive experience over the last 25+ years I have recommended George Tam to literally scores of friends/acquaintances who had exhausted all traditional medical avenues. George’s success rate for my referees in a very wide range of acute and chronic problems (including asthma, migraine, sleeping disorders, hormonal disorders, sports injuries, arthritis, circulation etc) has been very high. I now return to George every few months to take benefit of the preventative aspect of acupuncture as do a few of my friends who also want to maintain peak health”.

Mr J Stevens -Anglesey

“I approached the clinic with a number of issues linked to anxiety. Dr Shana Tam proved to be extremely supportive and the treatment equally effective. Expectations were realistic and a well-defined treatment break point agreed. I believe that Dr Shana’s experience as both GP and Acupuncturist provided the perfectly balanced and holistic approach that proved so successful. I couldn’t have wished for a better companion on my journey. Thank you.”

Mrs V Davies-Quarrell, North Wales

“I am writing to express my gratitude for the care and treatment I received recently at the Chester Acupuncture Clinic in Hoole.
The personalised and professional approach that I experienced was conducted with respect, time and genuine concern for my well
being and improvement. From my initial enquiry through to my assessment, treatments and follow up review, I felt confident and comfortable both in your hands and in the warm and welcoming environment of the clinic.
As you know the effectiveness of the treatments ensured that I was able to take that long flight to Alice Springs, Australia, to spend Christmas with my daughter, in comfort. I would not hesitate to recommend your clinic or to revisit should I ever need to.”