Acupuncture Chester

There are 7 excellent reasons why you should consider Chester Acupuncture Clinic

Over 37 years experience in administering acupuncture treatments

Dr Shana Tam is an experienced GP and acupuncturist and is fully registered with the UK General Medical Council

Prices start from £20 for an initial consultation

Appointments available from 9am to 8pm

Treatments available for fertility, pregnancy care, stress relief, sleep disorders, neck, back and joint pains, sports injuries, stopping smoking and many more conditions

Single use needles, painless technique

Member of British Acupuncture Council and Member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society

British Acupuncture Council

See a procedure

To the right is a series of photos illustrating a typical course of treatment to treat pain and tension in the neck and upper shoulder area.

The illustration shows the application of a single acupuncture needle and its manipulation. If you have any questions based on this illustration please go to the enquiry form and send us your query. We will be very happy to respond.


Mr Tam explains to the patient what is going to happen during the acupuncture treatment.

Mr Tam explains to the patient what is going to happen during the acupuncture treatment.

Mr Tam lightly taps the tip of the acupuncture needle into the skin, using a plastic guide tube.This is called the ‘no touch’ technique and minimises risk of infection.

The guide tube is carefully removed from the shaft of the needle

The needle handle is gently twirled to activate the acupuncture point (called ‘de qui’). This is essential to elicit a good treatment response.

This is a moxa stick being lit. Moxa is made of rolled dried Chinese herbs and burns in a slow controlled manner.

This process is called moxibustion. The moxa is held near the needle and skin to gently warm the area. It should not burn or hurt the patient.

At the end of the treatment, the needle is completely removed using the end of the needle. Cotton wool is gently applied to the acupuncture point.