S Davies

“I see Dr Tam on a regular basis for acupuncture, which has an enormous benefit on my health overall. I feel seen, heard and cared for by her and have a great deal of trust and respect for her.”


“My 16yr old son suffered frequent and severe headaches for months, the GP prescribed drugs including beta blockers and a neurologist suggested anti-depressants. We visited Chester Acupuncture Clinic and Mr Tam identified the root of the problem within minutes by looking at W and chatting with him. Three treatments later and no more headaches!”

Mrs W

“I went to see Dr Shana Tam after researching fertility acupuncture. From the first time I met Dr Tam for my consultation, I instantly felt more relaxed and my mind was put at ease.

I was initially a bit concerned about having the needles as I’d never had anything like this before, but she was really kind and understanding and made the process relaxing. I couldn’t wait to go again for the relaxation and to relieve any stress I may have had.

Our little girl is due in June and I can’t thank Dr Tam enough for help with the process! ”

Mrs KL

“Dear Shana, My sincere thanks to you for getting me back to a more normal lifestyle and I will return for more acupuncture if my back needs it.”


“I have some really amazing news – I am pregnant! I genuinely think the acupuncture helped so I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help and support, not only with the acupuncture but listening to me.”

K Cioma

“I have suffered with lower back pain for many years trying everything from gels to massages and chiropractors. Nothing seemed to last for any sustained period. Then as a last resort I decided to give acupuncture a go. To my surprise the treatment worked -not completely as some long term damage will always be there- but the relief of pain and the positivity I am now feeling makes me ask myself, “Why didn’t I try acupuncture sooner?”


“Hey Dr Tam I feel like there are only so many times I can say thank you and it’s never really enough, but anyway thanks again for everything.”


“Hi George you have been a God send and have helped me so much, I can’t thank you enough.”

Katie C

“Hi Shana There really is a baby in my belly! We just had our 6 week scan and saw the little heart beat! SO happy. Thank you so much for all your excellent acupuncture and support.”

Mrs Gill

“I write to thank you very much for your assistance with my head and neck pains resulting from a head injury experienced 12 months ago.

Having received a diagnosis of post concussion syndrome 3 months following an accident falling off my bike and hitting my head, I have struggled with head and neck pains, the other concussive symptoms gradually settling over a period of time. I appreciated the psycho-education element of the treatment, to help allay anxieties with the continuing muscle pains.

The acupuncture treatment was given with care and consideration, very little discomfort was experienced. Following the 4 treatment sessions, my head and neck are pain free and my general feeling of well-being is so much better.

Thank you again for your expert care.”


“I am delighted to say after nearly 3 years of trying to conceive, endless tests and being told only IVF would work but just give acupuncture a go, I am now 3 wks pregnant. Thank you so much. Words can’t express how much grateful I am.”


“I would like to thank you for your support through both acupuncture and also through your helpful tips and advice that I will take with me and use in the future to manage stress, be more connected and happy.

It was a real bonus to me to be treated by yourself and not only have your expert acupuncture treatment but also providing me with the practical and emotional support as I worked my way through a difficult period in my life. Your warm, friendly and supportive style will be something I will always be grateful for.”